Archie’s Christmas Tale
The true story of the little mouse on the night before Christmas.


Archie’s Christmas Tale is a fictionalized retelling of an event from my childhood.  The beautifully illustrated book will appeal to children ages 2-10 and all others who are young at heart.  Readers accompany a little field mouse, Archibald Roe Dent, on his Christmas Eve adventures through the big Williams house on the hill. Archie encounters surprises at every turn, finally discovering a wonderful honey-cake house. He enters it and nibbles goodies until he is too plump to escape.

You may know the decorated cookie house in this story as a gingerbread house. My family called it a honey-cake house because it was made from “lebkuchen” dough with honey in it. The honey-cake house in this story really existed. My Aunt and Uncle made it in their German bakery in St. Louis. 

Children will love this whimsical and mischievous tale.

Parents will love the subtle lessons on bravery, safety, faith and compassion.

Archie’s adventure has a happy ending thanks to the Christmas Tree Angel and a young girl.

 Archie’s Christmas Tale is true. I know. I was there. 

                                                                   Marjorie W. Carris                                                           

BOOK TITLE:            Archie’s Christmas Tale

AUTHOR:                      Marjorie Williams Carris

ILLUSTRATOR:              Lew Clayton

TYPE OF BOOK:          Children’s Illustrated Hardcover Book

NUMBER OF PAGES:     32 color illustrated pages plus end papers.


ISBN-13:                    978-0-9815232-0-0

LCCN:                        2008902931


                              a self-published book by Marjorie W. Carris