"Publishing Archie’s Christmas Tale was a long labor of love and I sincerely thank my family, friends and readers for all of their support in making my first book a reality.  The event behind Archie’s Christmas Tale really happened when I was a child, in 1956. My family and I awoke on Christmas Morning to find a little mouse stuck in our honey-cake house.  In 1994, I completed the entire text and a few rough sketches for Archie’s Christmas Tale to share with my two young sons, Jake & Nick.  Finally, in 2008, I edited the book and added Lew Clayton’s beautiful illustrations for printing and publication. Since then, I have enjoyed every holiday season and the chance to share Archie's Christmas Tale with new readers." 

I imagine that my family said I sure took my time.  

I hope that you all will say it was worth the wait.”



Marjorie W. Carris is a retired educator of Florida’s Orange County Public Schools system. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Education degree from the University of Florida and has done post baccalaureate work through the University of Central Florida and Florida Southern College. She has carried certifications in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Middle School Education, and Speech Pathology.  Her work with children in the 30 years prior to becoming an author has been through the public schools, YMCA and Little League, concentrating on teaching, coaching, and mentoring children. She began her teaching career in kindergarten and second grade.  Her latter teaching was in middle school, grades six through eight, where she designed and taught a study skills class, and taught remedial reading.  Marjorie has also coached soccer for 5 year olds and track for middle school girls.  And, she’s assisted her husband with managing countless numbers of Little League players. 

Marjorie’s sons are grown now and she lives with her husband, Neal, in Orlando, Florida. They all still love baseball.  And, in addition to writing, Marjorie also loves digging around in her butterfly garden.

Archie’s Christmas Tale is Marjorie’s first published book for children.